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Choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day is exciting. Your hairstyle is your crowning glory for your wedding day and whether you know exactly what you are wanting or unsure and need some advice Belladonna Brides stylists can help create a special look just for you.

All Belladonna Brides Hairstylists are trained in Bridal hair design and have an exceptional eye for detail. They can create a look that suits you from a picture or can also recommend a unique look that goes with your face shape and style.


A common question brides ask is “Should I wear my hair down or in an up-style?”

Your Belladonna Brides hairstylist will talk to you about your options, offer advice and can help you decide whlist taking into account your dress, style, jewellery, hair type/thickness and whether you are wearing a veil or headpiece.

Most styles can be achieved as all stylists are trained in using hair extensions and can let you know if these will be needed to create your chosen look.


I need hair extensions… should I purchase human or synthetic?

Human hair extensions can be curled and are real hair so you can treat them as you would your own hair. They can be washed, coloured and heated so you can obtain the look you are after with simply clipping them in on the day and letting your Belladonna Brides stylist create a masterpiece.

Synthetic hair is hair that is not real. Cost wise it is more affordable but you cannot color them and treat them the same way as human hair. Synthetic hair is best suited to up styles to create fullness where you cannot see the hair underneath but still require some extra hair for detail if hair padding is not sufficient.

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Should I wear a veil or headpiece?

Some brides wish to wear a veil whilst others prefer a headpiece and some both. Your stylist can create your hairstyle around these accessories and provide advice and options on their placement.


“What is hair padding?” is another commonly asked question.

Hair padding is used in most up styles unless you have long thick hair which we can use itself as hair padding. When you create an up style its important to have a strong base in order for your hairstyle to hold and not fall out. Hair padding is the structure of your up style.

If you have enough hair we can create hair padding by teasing a large section of your hair to create this structure before pinning the design on and around this shape. Once the hair has been teased and shaped you need to have enough hair to then cover this shape and then to create the design. We use hair padding in most up styles as we then have all your natural hair to work with and teasing your hair is limited to the design only instead of the base of your up style. Hair padding is an affordable way for your stylists to create a beautiful up style for your wedding day.

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